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Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll try to get you an answer.

Have a constructive suggestion for the City of Hilliard? Tell us and we'll pass it along to the appropriate department!

Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll try to get you an answer.

Have a constructive suggestion for the City of Hilliard? Tell us and we'll pass it along to the appropriate department!

Ask Us!

Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll do our best to get you an answer.

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  • Who do I contact about getting the tree roots removed under the uneven sidewalk and the ones creeping into my front yard from the city tree out front of my house? They are bad. Larry Lester?

    Ca asked 12 days ago

    The City will remove trees causing sidewalk damage. Once the tree is removed, we will repair the sidewalk. 

    The best route to take would be to make a Hilliard 311 request on our website:

  • Hey there, I’m a concerned citizen wondering about potential police and SWAT activity around Hilliard Darby High School on October 13 between 2-4pm. Any info would be great, thank you.

    Stella asked 12 days ago

    There was no swat activity near Darby High School on Oct. 13. We take student and staff safety as a top priority and would have taken safety measures if there had been.

  • Any chance this new community center will include a skatepark? I know we used to have one and I was very sorry to see it go. Build one by the police station like they did in Dublin and you won't have any issues with graffiti! I'll volunteer to go out there to get people to vote for this if you give us a skatepark. I am a homeowner in Hilliard. Thanks

    Brad01 asked 12 days ago

    Thank you for the feedback. The public will have opportunities to provide feedback throughout the design process. We expect the new center will include an indoor aquatics facility, indoor gymnasiums, an indoor running/walking track, significant indoor fitness facilities, flexible classroom and meeting spaces, a community wellness component, an integrated senior center, and other amenities. I have forwarded on your message about the skatepark to the Recreation and Parks Department. 

  • Hi - is there a House decorating contest this year for Halloween decorations? If I overlooked it on your website, sorry! I can’t find it.

    Lori Montella asked 16 days ago


    Hilliard Arts council is not doing a Halloween decorating contest this year. 

  • When will you repair the sidewalks in the Avery Rd Old Hilliard Avery districts? I have lived at 5221 Crescent Court for over 25 years and currently use an electric wheelchair. The sidewalks are so bad in some areas I need to use the street rather than the sidewalks. This is very dangerous for me and other non-disabled seniors. Please consider putting this infrastructure at the top of your priority. Thank you.

    Judy Ross asked 28 days ago

    Hello and thank you for your feedback. Sidewalks are the responsibility of the respective homeowner. However, if a City tree is causing the sidewalk to life, a homeowner can contact the City to request removal of the tree and sidewalk repair. 

    With that being said, I have forwarded your message to the operations department for consideration. Please reach out to Hilliard 311 with any other questions or concerns.

  • What will happen to the already existing senior and rec center if a new rec center is built?

    bfroling asked 24 days ago

    Future use of the community center has not been defined. We know it will align with input received throughout the community planning process. The existing building will continue to serve as a community center and senior center until 2024, when the new facility is expected to open.

  • Hello, I teach students who are handicapped at Heritage MS. We go to the handicap accessible park at Veterans Memorial park weekly. There is one swing that my students who are in wheelchairs could sit in. We have discovered that that swing has no belt on it to secure the person in it. Is there a belt/ harness that could be put on the swing so students who are in wheelchairs can be lifted into the swing & be secured ? Thank you.

    Jennifer Hibbitt asked about 2 months ago

    Thank you for reporting this --the belt for the swing is indeed missing. We have ordered a new one and it should be installed soon.

  • hi, i have a boutique truck and was wondering if you host events throughout spring, summer, and fall where i could park in the street for shoppers to shop and enjoy DORA. i have participated in grove city’s food truck festival and shop hops every other friday so i was curious if you guys do anything like that. A lot of people have told me I should pop up in hilliard i’m just not sure what events you offer. thank you! cierra lauren reeve

    cierra lauren asked about 1 month ago

    Please email our events coordinator Kristan Turner with your request.

  • I am in a local cover band of former Ohio State band members. We would love to play outside Crooked Can at Hilliard Station next summer on Thursdays. We obviously missed the chance for 2021 but please keep us in mind for next year.

    Charlie King asked about 1 month ago

    Please send a request to Kristan Turner at

  • Do you provide adult Spanish language classes?

    Jbolognone asked about 2 months ago

    Not at this time.

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