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Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll try to get you an answer.

Have a constructive suggestion for the City of Hilliard? Tell us and we'll pass it along to the appropriate department!

Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll try to get you an answer.

Have a constructive suggestion for the City of Hilliard? Tell us and we'll pass it along to the appropriate department!


Have a constructive suggestion for the City of Hilliard? Tell us and we'll pass it along to the appropriate department!

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Can we please get a bin or deck box to leave open and accessible at the splash pad for water toys, buckets etc for kids to use while there in case they didn’t bring anything. I feel like it’d be a good community builder for kids and adults alike.

staceyjasper0 9 days ago

I saw that you had a special session at the Cair Center. I don't object to having a special session to encourage our Muslim neighbors to engage and participate but I do object to having the sessions at a Muslim meeting place. We should be encouraging them to join us in our community at the same location as any other meeting, not to isolate with only those of their kind. Otherwise, I would expect separate sessions for Lutherans, Jews, Catholics, beautiful people, tall people, introverts, and the undereducated. to name a few!

caathie 16 days ago

Has your Parks and Recreation given and consideration of placing a camera at the pickleball courts for security and to allow folks to view in to see if how many folks are playing at any given time? Possibly a link through the city website via P & R? Just a thought.

Dslm1browntwp about 1 month ago

I appreciate the capital investments to improve pedestrian safety and connectivity throughout the city. However, the recent crossing improvements made on Alton Darby Rd. between Heritage Preserve and Heritage Lakes fail to achieve their intended goals of pedestrian safety and connectivity. The wide and straight design of the road and the high speed limit encourage motorists to treat the road as a rural highway instead of a city collector where pedestrians and cyclists are present. Given these realities, the existing signage is insufficient to prompt motorists to look for and yield to pedestrians waiting to cross. Pedestrian-triggered flashing lights and improved street lighting, similar to those installed throughout the city, are needed to improve safety of the crossing and for it to realize its goals.

craigagne 7 months ago

My name is Casey Reinard. I currently attend LCC Church off of Cemetery Rd and recently started a small weekly board game night each Friday night. I have a passion for helping others in the community connect with each other in casual settings, and a Hilliard-wide community board game night sounded like a lot of fun. Is that anywhere in the realm of possibility to assist in coordinating?

reinardcasey 8 months ago

Hi, I am an AHA & ARC CPR, First Aid, Blood Bourne Pathogens instructor as well as a HUGE AED (Automated External Defibrillator) advocate! With CPR alone a person has a 10-15% survival rate. However if you use an AED on a sudden cardiac arrest victim within the first minute that survival rate goes up to 90%, and drops 4-7% every minute after. THAT IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE!
I am contacting you today to get the opportunity to talk to someone about all of this and having your community be aware as well as prepared. Whether it be at a football game and or a neighbor or a community patron shopping. I have some ideas. Thank you for your time and attention.

Sara Bobst 8 months ago

I have been running on the Heritage Trail (between Avery Rd. and Cosgrey Rd.) for years and have never seen the overgrowth of trees hanging over the path this bad before. I have seen several near miss accidents and one bad bike crash over the past few months attributed to the trees hanging over the path (in some areas hanging over half the path). The many tree branches hanging over the path cause walkers, runners and bikers to swerve into the other side of the path sometimes causing near miss accidents with others heading the other direction. When my daughter and I run we must do so in the middle of the path in many areas and bikers must completely go to the other side to pass. It is only a matter of time before it causes a serious accident and the trimming of these branches pose an immediate concern that needs to be addressed ASAP. Please forward this to the appropriate department so this matter can be resolved.
Thank you,

Kevin P. 9 months ago

I'm curious what you attribute the almost 7% increase in Income Tax revenue to in 2020 considering how the pandemic pushed unemployment up to historic records. Is that increase sustainable and how is the city planning for possible changes to this revenue stream?

spconrad about 1 year ago

Hi, there! I’ve called the city a couple times regarding issues with the trash collection service and I’ve also called the Waste Management directly. The problems still persist. I thought I would try this platform before calling out issues in a more public forum.

The past few weeks, the trash/recycling trucks have come before 7:00am (violating noise ordinances) and they are continuing to throw cans haphazardly instead of placing them back with care. This wouldn’t be a problem except, they are waking households (my baby has been woken by the recycling truck before 7:00am for two weeks now), not adhering to the 7:00am instructions for cans (my recycling was missed today because they came early), and people’s driveways are being blocked by their carelessness. My neighbor couldn’t pull into her driveway the other week and had to park on the street, pull her van out of the driveway, and then re-enter her vehicle to pull into the driveway. These are not isolated incidents but a pattern of behavior that needs correcting.

I appreciate your prompt attention to these issues and would appreciate a written response indicating what steps are going to be taken to rectify these issues. Thank you!

Alle McCloskey

allemccloskey over 1 year ago


Can we please consider in the future moving trick or treat to actual Halloween night? It makes the most sense to have it on the actual night, and it seems like the majority of people would prefer it to be so. Perhaps a vote could be taken on the change, but by the looks of the comments on the community page, most people seem to want to participate with their children on the actual night.

Just something to consider that I think would be more fun to engage in and make the most sense for the holiday.


ASoltesz over 1 year ago

Please move trick or treat to Saturday from 4 to 6 it will be a safe time....

mwestbay over 1 year ago


I would like to suggest moving Halloween to a Saturday or Sunday from 4-6pm. It would be safer and make more for a family and neighborhood celebration.

Kathy Mahoney

kmahoney over 1 year ago
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