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Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll try to get you an answer.

Have a constructive suggestion for the City of Hilliard? Tell us and we'll pass it along to the appropriate department!

Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll try to get you an answer.

Have a constructive suggestion for the City of Hilliard? Tell us and we'll pass it along to the appropriate department!

Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll do our best to get you an answer.

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  • In regards to my question about "all the survey'ing on Frazell Road" - there has been a crew near my house at 3004 and there's a bunch of flags in my yard and my neighbor's yards marking AT&T lines, water lines, electric (the sort you get from 'call before you dig') and people with surveying equipment up-and-down the road over the last few days.

    gshank asked 6 days ago

    The City is designing a pedestrian crossing at Frazell/Rosecliff and a trail extension on the west side of Frazell up to Frank’s Park.  Surveyors are collecting topographic and utility data.

  • I would like to request that the city places a stoplight at the intersection of Davidson Rd and Library Way. Pedestrians cross Davidson Rd here, cars are traveling 35 mph. There is not enough warning to stop. I was driving along, 35 mph, and suddenly noticed cars on opposite side were stopped, then I noticed people in the crosswalk, I stopped but it was startling. For the safety of our citizens (especially with so many schools in the area), please put in a stoplight. It could be activated by the pedestrian and would give drivers a chance to first slow, then stop. Thank you.

    Amy Yeager asked 8 days ago

    We have flashing beacons at this intersection for pedestrians to push to activate flashing warning lights. Based on your description, pedestrians may not have activated the flashing lights.  

    While not legally required to do so, pedestrians SHOULD push the button because the flashing lights give notice to motorists that they are in the crosswalk, allowing drivers time to react and stop. This is especially important on multi-lane roadways.

  • What's going on with all the survey'ing on Frazell Road?

    gshank asked 6 days ago

    Can you be a little more specific about the location?

  • I have heard of a banner program for veterans but cant find information can you tell me where to find it

    jerryvance asked 10 days ago
  • When is the next E-Waste recycling event? Thanks.

    Mike asked 13 days ago

    Possibly Earth Week in April. Nothing concrete is on the calendar yet.

  • How do you get the application for the Hometown Hero banners? My son was a Marine.

    Candace asked 13 days ago
  • Composting program - while I love you’ve provided 5 gallon buckets for composting, for my smaller family size, it’s a bit big - especially for food waste. It says we can use composts me bags with prior approval. What information do I need to provide to get approval to use smaller compostable bags for food scraps? I can email a picture of the box to show the product I’m using. Thank you.

    Ddorsey203 asked 19 days ago

    Hello. You can use your own bucket of any size for the composting program. The five gallon buckets are just the free option provided by the City and GoZero. 

    As for the compost bags, please obtain permission from GoZero using this link:

    You can read more about the program here:

  • When will the data center start development and when could jobs for it be available

    Michael Trude asked 21 days ago

    There currently is not a start date for this project. It will have to go through the normal City processes, including plan review, so it will be a while until they break ground. A lot of that timeline will be dependent on the developer.

  • Who is the Hilliard police community liaison

    Pamela Ann asked about 2 months ago

    It depends on exactly what you need, but you might start with Communications Specialist Andrea Litchfield at If this is more of a non-emergency incident requiring law enforcement assistance, you may wish to call the non-emergency number: (614) 876-7321

  • What is the anti racism ordinance that was passed in September

    asked about 2 months ago

    In September, Hilliard City Council members took action to officially condemn racism and other forms of discrimination in the Hilliard community and to identify steps the City will take to promote respect and fair treatment for every individual in the community. Read Resolution 20-R-72.

    In passing Resolution 20-R-72, City Council members affirmed their desire to express their “support and encouragement of efforts and actions that will help us realize our highest ideals of Hilliard as a community of inclusion and fair treatment for all residents, businesses, employees and visitors.”

    The resolution specifically addresses a number of topics, including requirements that City staff review all policies, programs, and services to ensure equity and a bias-free environment. The resolution addresses requirements to ensure exceptional service for all residents and that the City Manager periodically provide Council a report on the City’s progress in these areas.

    Resolution 20-R-72 also includes topics such as staff training, support of statewide law enforcement standards and training, and a requirement that the City hold and promote activities that celebrate our community’s diversity.