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Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll try to get you an answer.

Have a constructive suggestion for the City of Hilliard? Tell us and we'll pass it along to the appropriate department!

Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll try to get you an answer.

Have a constructive suggestion for the City of Hilliard? Tell us and we'll pass it along to the appropriate department!

Ask Us!

Have a general question for the City of Hilliard? Ask us, and we'll do our best to get you an answer.

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  • Good morning....Who would I contact to report a street light out in front of 4909 Arbormont Rd in the Heather Ridge Subdivision? Its been out for several months.....thank you!

    Kelly Montgomery asked 18 days ago

    Thank you for reporting the outage. Crews have repaired the light. Please place a Hilliard 311 service request if you have future requests.

  • Hello I have a tree owned by Hilliard that is hanging over my property. I would like the branch removed. My address is 3675 Inverary Drive, Columbus oh, 43228. Number is: 614-446-4288

    KJ asked 27 days ago

    Hello, please place a service request for this at

  • Both the concrete and steel components of the storm sewer drain are falling apart at 6252 Clover Pl. I have tried a couple of times to submit this info on 311 but it always craps out at the photo upload. Could you fix the drain?

    David Knisley asked about 2 months ago

    Thank you for submitting your concern. A Hilliard 311 work order has been submitted.

  • the push button to request a walk signal heading north does not function at the southeast corner of Northwest Parkway and Main/Avery. I could not find a department on the city website that I thought should address the problem.

    . asked about 2 months ago

    Thank you for letting us know. A Hilliard 311 request has been filed and someone will be out soon to fix it. 

  • Hello, I have contacted you before about this, but received no response. My neighbors keep their cats outdoors year round. The cats have done a lot of damage to my cars and house (window screens primarily). The cats are always on my property and aggravate my 2 indoor cats. One cat actually tore my screen and came inside my house and was almost killed by my dog. Now I can't even open a window in my house. I love cats but this must stop. I have spoken with my neighbors multiple times but they do nothing about the problem. I assume in their country it is OK to let your cats destroy other people's property. What can I do about this situation? Can you help? Thanks,

    TomB asked about 2 months ago

    Hello and thank you for your message. 

    Feral cats are a common concern in many communities, including Hilliard. The City has a website dedicated to resources for residents who have feral cats on their property.

  • What is process to replace a burned out street light bulb

    Tim asked about 2 months ago

    Please submit a Hilliard 311 request that includes the nearest address to the light.

  • I live in a condominium community and each condo has an individual trash pick up. Our HOA pays for our trash pick up out of our HOA dues. Would our HOA save money if we sign up for a dumpster and have a bulk trash pick up instead of individual trash pick up? if so what is the annual cost for us to have a dumpster/Trash compactor so I can share this information at our next HOA meeting. Thank you

    AzRhn5 asked about 2 months ago

    Hello, the City uses Local Waste Services for its refuse collection services, so I do not know the cost of a dumpster. Please reach out to them about a solution for your trash.

  • More of a concern. Please make the styrofoam collection days and times convenient for working families. Thurs from 10-12 is not friendly for most working adults. Perhaps have an evening and a daytime window for the events. Thanks!

    Alice Dillion asked about 2 months ago

    Thank you for reaching out. I have forwarded it to the organizers of the event. Please contact a member of Go Green Hilliard with future concerns about recycling events.

  • Hi there, I'd like to ask if leaf collection could please find its way down Hamilton Rd. It's been at least 2 weeks since the last collection. Prior to leaves dropping, we were getting 2 collection passes per week; unfortunately, now that they're dropping, we've been forgotten. I know the whole city needs the service, but we *are* part of the city! Thanks!

    resident404 asked 2 months ago

    Hello, we informed leaf crews of your leaf request. Please reach out to Hilliard 311 directly with further concerns.

  • Hi! Frequent driver through your lovely city, as I work here 4 days a week. I take exit 13A off of 270 and then need to make that immediate left. Lately, months probably, the left lane light is no longer working as before and it is creating some backups and general hassles. Surely you have heard other complaints about this topic. I'm hoping this problem has been addressed and will soon be rectified. Thanks for your time. Kristin

    Kristin Newton asked 3 months ago

    Thank you for taking the time to connect with us. I have forwarded your concern to our traffic department. 

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